• Alliance, OH -- Featured speaker at annual Guild Tea
  • AQS Show/Quilt Week Paducah, KY – SCOOTERISTA II Goddess of New Beginnings
  • Aullwood Audobon Society, Dayton OH –- Lakeside Daisies, Wandering 'Round my World (BOS) Sunset Serenade (Best Craftsmanship)
  • AQA UU Church, Columbus, OH -- Sitting by the Lakeside
  • IQF Houston, TX -- Arpeggio
  • Alden Lane Nursery, Napa, CA -- Yvonne's Never Ending Circle of Love


  • IQF Houston, TX – SCOOTERISTA II.. Goddess of New Beginnings
  • Road to CA, Ontario CA – Wandering 'Round my World (1st PL)
  • Kentucky Heights Art Center, Cincinnati, OH – Scooterista I, Windchimes
  • Solo Art Quilt Show – August, 2015 Grandview Public Library, Columbus, OH
  • AQS Show/Quilt Week, Paducah, KY -- Peaceful Evening
  • AQA Exhibit McConnell Art Center, Worthington, OH -- Sunset Serenade, Woolies….Whistlin' in the Wind
  • IHQS Bloomington, IN -- Wandering 'Round my World (HM)
  • HMQS – Wandering 'Round my World (HM)


  • AQS Show/Quilt Week,  Phoenix, AZ, Feb 2014 -- Wandering ‘Round my World (Best Innovative Quilt Award)
  • AQS Show/Quilt Week  Lancaster, PA, March 2014 -- Mars Garden (Juried in as a finalist)
  • AQS Show/Quilt Week, Paducah, KY, April 2014 -- Wandering ‘Round my World (Juried in as a Finalist)
  • NQA Show, Columbus, Ohio, May 2014 -- Wandering ‘Round my World (2nd Place)
  • AQS Show/Quilt Week, Charlotte, NC, July 2014 -- Wandering ‘Round my World (3rd Place)
  • AQS Show/Quilt Week, Grand Rapids, MI, Aug  2014 -- Wandering ‘Round my World (2nd Place)
  • AQS Show/Quilt Week, Chattanooga, TN, Sept 2014 -- Wandering ‘Round my World (Best Wall Quilt)
  • AQS Show/Quilt Week, Des Moines, IA, Oct 2014 -- Wandering ‘Round my World (Honorable Mention


  • Home Machine Quilting Show, Salt Lake, City, UT -- Sunset Serenade (Teachers Ribbon)
  • NQA, Columbus, Ohio -- Wandering 'Round My World (2nd Place)
  • IQF Houston, Texas -- Wandering 'Round My World
  • NQA, Columbus, Ohio -- Lakeside Daisies
  • NQA, Columbus, Ohio Sew Batik Challenge -- Windchimes (Best Surface Design)
  • Road to California (juried) -- Mint Julep
  • IQF Cincinnati, Ohio SAQA Exhibit (juried) -- Woolies…. Whistlin' in the Wind
  • IQF Cincinnati, Ohio SAQA Exhibit (juried) -- Bloomin' Beauties III
  • Indiana Heritage Quilt Show, Bloomington, IN -- Mint Julep


  • Quilting with Machines, Huron, Ohio -- Mint Julep (1st place)
  • Quilting with Machines Huron, Ohio -- Mint Julep (Best Machine Quilting Stationary System)
  • NQA Columbus, Ohio -- Mint Julep (2nd Place)
  • NQA Columbus, Ohio -- Old World Charm (Honorable Mention)
  • Quilts at the Shoe, Columbus, Ohio -- Patriotic Punch (2nd Place)
  • High Road Gallery, Worthington, Ohio -- Bloomin' Beauties III (Honorable Mention)
  • AQS, Lancaster PA (juried) -- Mint Julep
  • SAQA, CREATIVE STATEMENTS; Ohio Art Quilts, (juried), Zanesville Art Museum -- Sunset Serenade


  • Quilting with Machines, Huron, OH -- JEEPERS...It's Jane! (3rd place)
  • Quilting with Machines, Huron, OH -- Sunset Serenade (Honorable Mention)
  • Kaleidoscope of Quilts, Toledo, OH -- Cosmic Confetti (Honorable Mention & Judges recognition Ribbon from Linda McCueon)
  • Kaleidoscope of Quilts, Toledo, OH -- JEEPERS…It's Jane! (2nd place)
  • American Quilter Magazine -- A Morning In Marblehead (1st place in Mystery Quilt contest, pictured in American Quilter Magazine, May 2011 issue)
  • NQA, Columbus, OH -- A Morning in Marblehead (Honorable Mention)
  • NQA, Columbus, OH -- Mocha Dot Sew Batik Challenge (Sponsors Choice Award)
  • Indiana Heritage Quilt Show, Bloomington, OH -- Sunset Serenade
  • Road to California (juried) -- Sunset Serenade (2nd Place Innovative, Wall Pieced)


  • IQA, Houston (juried) -- JEEPERS… It’s Jane!, Sunset Serenade
  • Quilting with Machines, Huron, OH -- Woolies….Whistlin’ in the Wind, Cosmic Confetti (Teachers Ribbon awarded by Sue Patten)
  • NQA, Columbus, OH -- Sunset Serenade (3rd place), Peek-A-Boo (Most Effective Quilting, Sew Batik Challenge)
  • AQS, Paducah, KY (juried) --  JEEPERS… It’s Jane!
  • Aullwood Audobon Center Art Quilt Show, Dayton, OH (juried) --  Bloomin' Beauties II, Shoot for the Moon II, Piped & Striped Illusions
  • Indiana Heritage Quilt Fest, Bloomington --  JEEPERS… It’s Jane!, Woolies…Whistlin’ in the Wind
  • Quintessential Quilters, Columbus, OH --  Route 66 (1st place team and 1st place individual)


  • Pacific International Quilt Fest,Santa Clara, CA (juried) -- JEEPERS… It’s Jane! (Best Interpretation of Theme)
  • NQA, Columbus, OH --  JEEPERS… It’s Jane! (Viewers Choice)
  • NQA, Columbus, OH --   Blazing Beauty
  • MQX, Manchester, NH (juried) --  Cinnamon Surprise
  • Amish Country Quilt Show, OH -- Trapunto Study 1 (1st place)
  • AQS, Paducah, KY (juried) --   Blazing Beauty
  • Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest, Hampton, VA (juried) --  Blazing Beauty ( Best Amateur Entry)
  • Road to California (juried) -- Blazing Beauty (1st place)
  • Indiana Heritage Quilt Fest, Bloomington --  Cinnamon Surprise


  • MQX, Manchester, NH -- MIM (Teachers Ribbon, Ami Simms)
  • Indiana Heritage Quilt Fest, Bloomington, IN -- MIM
  • Amish Country Quilt Show, Berlin, OH -- Cinnamon Surprise (1st Place)
  • NQA, Columbus, OH -- Cinnamon Surprise (Honorable Mention)
  • Ohio State Fair -- MIM (1st place, Best of Show Wall Quilt), Cinnamon Surprise (1st Place, Best of Show Bed quilt), Trapunto Study I (1st Place)


  • Amish Country Quilt Show -- Deco Stitch Fun (1st Place)
  • Kids 'n Kamp Quilt Auction -- Abstract Orange (2nd Place), My Corner of the Universe (2nd Place)


  • AQA - Art Quilt Alliance, Columbus, OH
  • AQN- Art Quilt Network
  • AQS - American Quilting Society
  • IQA - International Quilt Association
  • NQA - National Quilting Association
  • QQ - Quintesstential Quilters, Columbus, OH
  • SAQA - Studio Art Quilters Association
  • STASH - Second Thursday at Someone’s Home, Columbus, OH


  • Machine Quilting Unlimited, Jan/Feb 2015 -- Satin Stitch Techniques, Part II
  • American Quilter Magazine, Jan 2015 -- Featured for Best Wall Quilt Award AQS Chattanooga
  • Machine Quilting Unlimited, Nov/Dec 2014 -- Satin Stitch Techniques, Part I
  • Machine Quilting Unlimited, Sept/Oct 2014 -- Article on Redwork by Machine
  • Machine Quilting Unlimited, March/April 2014 -- Article on Backing Basics
  • American Quilter Magazine, May 2014 -- Featured for Best Innovative Quilt Award AQS Phoenix
  • Machine Quilting Unlimited, Nov/Dec 2013 -- Article on "JEEPERS… It's Jane!" Quilt
  • Machine Quilting Unlimited, Jan/Feb 2013 -- "Old World Charm" featured in an article
  • Machine Quilting Unlimited, Sept/Oct 2012 -- "Mint Julip" featured as the "Jaw Dropper"
  • NQA The Quilting Quarterly, Winter 2012 -- "A Morning in Marblehead" HM
  • American Quilter Magazine, Nov 2011 -- "QuiltArt Calendar Cover" featured www.AmericanQuilter.com
  • International Quilt Festival/Quilt Scene, Winter 2010/2011 -- "JEEPERS… It's Jane!" featured in Gallery
  • American Quilter Magazine, May 2011 -- First Place in contest with "A Morning in Marblehead"
  • NQA The Quilting Quarterly, Show Edition 2009 -- "Viewer's Choice article on JEEPERS… It's Jane!
  • Quilting Quarterly, Journal of the National Quilting Association, August 2009


  • SAQA Zanesville Art Museum, Sunset Serenade
  • AQA Gallery 2012, Cosmic Confetti, Bloomin'Beauties III, Woolies… Whistlin in the Wind
  • AQA Westerville Community Center, Patriotic Punch, Grand Canyon Walk, African Spirals
  • QQ Whisper Challenge, Northwoods ARTSpace Gallery, Columbus, Oh -- Route 66
  • AQA Columbus State Community College 2009 -- Patriotic Punch, Shoot for the Moon II
  • Inniswood Metro Park, 2010 -- Purple Flower
  • Fairfield Public Library, 2010 -- Cosmic Confetti, Marblehead Madness
  • HOFFMAN CHALLENGE 2008, travelled across the country - Piped & Striped Illusions